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Jan. 6, 2022

Moving to Albuquerque New Mexico And A Home With Views.

Albuquerque is an amazing place with its clear blue skies, views, and as the locals say: " The best sunsets in the world".  We love our sunsets, culture, and New Mexican cuisines with Green Chile, Red Chilis, or both mixed together (Christmas Style).  

Mount Taylor Viewed From The Home On La Tuna 

Our listing on La Tuna in South East Albuquerque in the Four Hils Community.  From inside you'll see Mount Taylor to the West and the Lights of Albuquerque.

In New Mexico, one may look any direction and realize the vastness of our amazing state.  Mountains seen from the city could appear close but become an illusion after driving for hours to reach them. 

Looking East in the heart of Albuquerque you'll see the beautiful Sandia Mountains towering close and high above Albuquerque.  Look North and you could see the Jemez Mountains hours away in the distance that offer great high mountain trout fishing, look South to see the Manzanos and possibly the Gilas in the distance, and if you're lucky you'll see Mount Taylor to the west.  New Mexico is a wonderful place where you can ski one day, and enjoy the beaches at Elephant Butte Lake the next.  Travel any direction from Albuquerque and you'll discover there are countless outdoor hobbies for those who seek fun, sport, and adventure. 

Moving to Albuquerque New Mexico

The Sandia Mountains are close and high above our listing on Academy Hills

Albuquerque Housing Market

We love our rain and snow!  When it rains or snows it's common to see residents of the city celebrating and welcoming the moisture.

Snow as seen at our listing on Yucatan March 2022.

Albuquerque is a city with a great culture and personality that is located smack dab in the center of New Mexico where Interstates 40 and 25 Meet.  In the southern reaches of the city, you will find the Sunport International Airport which can be seen from many parts of the city and the top of the Sandia Mountains.  A plane making its final descent can be viewed from almost anywhere in the city.  In certain parts of Albuquerque and the top of the Sandia Mountains, you may even see with the naked eye planes touching down and departing the runway. 

Buying a Home in Albuquerque New Mexico

Looking southwest towards the Airport at our listing on La Tuna.  

At the heart of our city, you'll find the Bosque or river valley that surrounds the Rio Grande River. This river valley is heavily forested and is a great place to cool off during the hot summer months.  When you're in the Bosque biking, hiking, fishing, rafting, etc on the countless miles trails it's easy to forget this Cottonwood forest is an oasis in the middle of a vast desert. 

Rio Grande running through the heart of Albuquerque

Rio Grande River In Albuquerque

The Rio Grande Bosque offers miles of biking and hiking trails and is found in the heart of Albuquerque.  An oasis in the desert!  

Travel a short distance East of the river and you'll go up in elevation finding yourself in awe of how fast this forest transforms to a beautiful desert surrounded by mountains that seem to never end.   Albuquerque itself is an oasis in the middle of a vast and beautiful desert with many of our homes and real estate taking advantage of these amazing views. Just an hour's drive from Albuquerque or a short ride up the Sandia Peak Tramway you'll discover the Sandia Mountains towering above Albuquerque offering amazing views of Albuquerque and its surrounding areas.  From up here, you'll see Santa Fe and its Sangre De Cristo Mountains 50 miles to the north, or look south and you'll see San Mateo Mountains around Socorro in the distance.  Back in the city at the lower elevations, you'll find homes in the River Valley, City, foothills, and the Mountains that all surround Albuquerque.  Our amazing city offers homes and views for everyone!  

Bear Canyon in Albuquerque New Mexico

Bear Canyon in Albuquerque looking west towards the River Valley.

Buying a home in Albuquerque New Mexico

Hiking in Albuquerque's open space at the base of the Sandia Mountains.

When you list a home photos and a good description go a long way.  Find the best features of a home and bring those out in your description.  See our post Everything to consider before listing.  Folks should be in love with a home before they step foot on the property.  For our listing on La Tuna, we discovered and researched what makes this home one of a kind.  It has views from the rooms, it has a large lot, it has sunsets to the west, you can see the airport, and Mount Taylor 106 miles to the West.  

Albuquerque Real Estate

The listing on La Tuna at Dusk.  

This listing on La Tuna is the definition of what eyes may gaze in certain parts of Albuquerque.  This home is nestled South East in the city being close to the open space in the Four Hills community.  This community lies high in the foothills offering some amazing views and easy access to hiking/biking that many enjoy in Albuquerque's open spaces. 

Sell your Albuquerque Home for top dollar

The living area in this home offers spectacular city views. 

From the kitchen sink, you can see Mount Taylor hours away in the West and catch a glimpse of planes landing on the runway at the Sunport.  This Sprawling one-story home is in the middle of a 1.13-acre lot in this Four Hills community. Breathtaking panoramic city and mountain views are enjoyed from every window and the numerous outdoor patios. The home offers tall vaulted ceilings illuminated with abundant natural light, a unique fireplace, and lots of wall space for the most ardent art collector. There are four bedrooms, one that can be used as a bonus room, an additional bonus room with a separate entrance will make a perfect gym, office, hobby room, etc. The owner's suite is spacious with a kiva fireplace, built-in shelving, natural light, a Two-car attached garage plus a detached single car garage. and private driveway.

Living in Albuquerque new mexico

One of the four bedrooms could be used as another living space.  

Not one two homes are alike and this home features a personality and view of our city that you won't find anywhere else.  It is surely an amazing home.  
If you're in the market to buy sell or list your home our team would love to help find an option that works best for you.  Being Albuquerque Natives and having 13 years combined experience we are your go-to source for Real Estate needs. 
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More photos of our La Tuna Listing:  
Oct. 5, 2021

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Albuquerque Home.

You are not alone when you list your Albuquerque home with Melloy Realty Group at Simply Real Estate. It's our job to help orchestrate many of the topics mentioned below and be there to advise you on the benefits, pros, and cons of each.  Everyone has different goals so let us help you find the right plan before you list.    

With over 14 years of experience selling Real Estate in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, Melloy Realty Group has the tools you'll need to successfully sell your home.  Selling your home should be a fun experience so go with a team that loves what we do and will have your best interests at heart.  

Find a Albuquerque Realtor

Selling a home consists of many steps from meeting with your agent of choice, determining what homes are selling/closing for in your area, determining a price, what improvements are needed if any to prepare a home for sale, listing the home on Multiple listing services so it's viewed by many buyers and brokerages and is automatically syndicated to all the major real estate websites, receiving/negotiating offers, inspections/appraisal, and finally making sure all parties come to a meeting of the minds at closing.  

It's important that you and your agent are familiar with the following real estate terms as they will usually come up once your home receives an offer and is under contract. 

Pre-Approval:  A pre-approval is a preliminary evaluation conducted by a lender to show that a buyer has the funds to purchase up to a certain amount.  This is extremely helpful when you receive an offer from a would-be potential buyer.  When a buyer sends an offer to purchase your property it's important that they show proof they a capable of purchasing your property.  

Offer: This is a document that sets out the basic proposed terms and conditions between the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction.  Offers are usually laid out in a New Mexico Purchase Agreement.  

New Mexico Purchase Agreement:  Validates the accord between a buyer and seller in a real estate transaction for a particular parcel of real estate for an agreed-upon amount.  Also stipulates the negotiated terms to the exchange of real estate and can be amended before signing to meet the requests of the seller and purchaser.  

Contingencies:  Are found in a New Mexico Purchase Agreement and must be satisfied before a contract can be enforceable.  There will be a timeframe within the resolution of the contingency that must be performed, and for the party responsible for paying, the costs involved.  

Closing Cost:  The fees that are paid at the end of the purchase by either the buyer, seller, or both.  These include taxes, insurance, and lender expenses.  

Earnest Money:  Also known as "Good Faith" money, this is money put up by the buyer into a trust or escrow account.  This action shows the buyer is serious about purchasing the home.  

TOM FEE: (Time Off Market FEE) More common in this current market when sellers are receiving competing multiple offers on a property.  This is a fee that goes directly to a seller as compensation for a seller taking their property off-market for a would-be buyer.  This fee is very different from earnest money.

Title Search:  A title search proves that the property is, in fact, owned by a seller of a particular property.  Title insurance can also be purchased to be sure that no issues may arise later.  

Appraisal:  The appraisal is the value given to a property based on comparable properties that have recently been sold.  This is typically required by a buyer's lender to decide if the requested loan amount is in alignment with the value of the property.  The appraisal is also a contingency in the New Mexico Purchase Agreement.  

Home inspection:  A professional examination of property's condition that may find and discover adverse material facts that may affect a buyer's decision about purchasing a property.  This is also a contingency in the New Mexico Purchase Agreement.  

Disclosures:  New Mexico does not require sellers to tell would-be buyers about defects of a particular property before the sale.  Some sellers choose to fill out a seller disclosure by custom disclosing what they know about the property. 

Closing:  This is the final step of your real estate transaction.  At closing the funds from the buyer are provided to the seller and the buyer receives the keys after the deed is recorded by the county.  This process typically takes an hour.  

Before a home is listed and showings can be scheduled there is a ton of work to be done by your agent.  Once a home goes live on the MLS it's important that your home is marketed 100% to its full potential and receives top value in today's Real Estate market. 

A buyer should always be in love with a home before they tour the property and that starts with a great marketing and online presentation. 

Sell a home in Albuquerque

The Academy Hills Listing.  Melloy Realty Group brought the buyer in September 2020 and sold it for the same client in September 2021. As the new owner, our client painted this home and added carpet. Before it went on the market, it was professionally staged. Over the year this home went up in value.  Thanks to a "HOT" market, and some minor improvements, this lovely home has a new owner.

Sell your home for top dollar Albuquerque

Schedule your free consultation today.

How to sell a home in Albuquerque

Discovery And Research.  We tour the property and give insights on what will help your sale.  We discuss the process and develop initial marketing strategies.  

Listing Appointment.  We discuss the value of your home, review the calendar of expectations, sign documents and enter into a listing contract.  You're ready to list.  

Pre-Launch.  All of our marketing materials are collected.  From photography to lockboxes on your home, we make sure everything is prepared for launch day.  

Launch Day.  It's time to go active on MLS!  Your home's profile is posted online.  A yard sign is placed on your property.  Any and all marketing materials we've agreed upon will be rolled out.  

Buyer Prospecting.  Consistent exposure about your home is spread across the marketing platforms.  All scheduled events are completed until we reach a sales agreement.

Sales Agreement.  Once an offer has been made, we will review all terms and conditions and respond as needed.  If multiple offers are received we will review all offers accordingly and see what offer has the best terms and Net Out. 

Inspections.  Your buyer will probably hire an inspector to review your home.  The inspector is likely to recommend repairs and upgrades and we will negotiate on your behalf. 

Loan Commitment.  If your buyer is requiring financing the buyer's loan goes to underwriting and appraisal is performed.  All the buyer's documentation is verified and we wait for approval from the buyer's lender.  (Many offers can be cash offers with no loan commitment. If your buyer is paying cash there is a possibility that they may also waive appraisal).  If your buyer is a cash buyer it's best to have proof of funds or a letter of proof of funds to verify they can pay the purchase price). 

Closing Preparation.  The lender's requirements have been met and the documents have been ordered.  Closing has been scheduled.  We will review the figures and the buyer has a final walk-through of your home usually 24- 48 hours prior to closing. 

Closing and funding. Documents are signed, keys are exchanged and proceeds received.  You may cancel your utilities and insurance, and your yard sign is removed from your property.  Even after closing, we will be there to help after the sale of your home - Whenever you need us.

List your New Mexico Home   

Our Old Rail Path listing in Sanida Creek Estates.  

Factors that affect the price of your home:

Price point:  Pricing your home for the current market value is extremely important for maximum exposure and ultimately a satisfactory sale.  If a home is priced too high it is likely to sit and get fewer showings.  If a home is underpriced you could get many showings with competing offers under market value.  Priced just right you will could get multiple competing offers at a fair market value.

Factors that determine a property's value:  Location, design, amenities, competing properties, supply and demand, interest rates, and economic conditions. 

Factors that have little or no influence:  Price the seller originally paid, or the amount spent on improvements. 

Market Conditions:    The real estate market is always fluctuating, and as your agent, we will be able to discuss the pros and cons of listings during varied market conditions.  

Property Condition:   The condition of your property will have a lot to do with the selling price and how quickly it will sell.  If repairs are needed, or if professional staging is required, we will be there to assist and offer guidance and network.  

Market Exposure:  Our focus will be on what we're able to control - market exposure and negotiating offers.  We want to get the most qualified buyers into your home, in the least amount of time, and with minimal inconvenience.  With a comprehensive marketing plan, your home will get noticed in any market. 

Before and After success story.  

Sell your Albuquerque New Mexico Home

(Any home can sell if priced and marketed right for its condition.  Updates, improvements are not necessary to sell a house but can be a good return on investment if you are looking for top dollar.  The home pictured above was a rental that had seen better days.  The smell and condition would have deterred many buyers unless these issues were addressed.  New floors, paint, lighting, cleaning, and staging gave this property a new style and personality.  Once closed it was one the highest comps in its area selling over list price with little to no effort from our investor). 

This is what makes real estate fun. 

Get your free consultation today.

Responsibilities we owe all our clients.

Expert Guidance: 

Research the comps in your area & complete a comparative market analysis to determine the best list price for the sale of your property.  

Make recommendations on potential repairs and cleaning of your property, in order to make your home more attractive to buyers.  

Suggest quality professionals, including attorneys, handymen, and inspectors.  

Guide you in making informed decisions leading to a satisfactory sale.  

Present and respond to all offers in a timely manner

Negotiate the best price & terms available, always keeping your specific needs in mind.  


Act in good faith at all times.

Adhere to your instructions and concerns.

Return calls and emails promptly.

Closely track dates and deadlines.  


Track and receipt all earnest money deposits.

Receive and deliver all documents in a timely manner.

Review final settlement statements.


At Melloy Realty Group you are our priority.

We will place your interest above all others.

We will keep your personal information strictly confidential and ensure you are fully informed.  

Best Albuquerque Realtors

High Desert Albuquerque Realtors

Our Calle Del Oso listing in High Desert.  This beautiful home is backed up to Bear Canyon with views of the Sandias.  

Information and Preparation:

Once your home is on the market, it's very important to have information ready to go in case the buyer, lender, or title company requests it.  

- Manuals for appliances

- Receipts of work done to the home - Including all major and minor renovations

- All keys and garage door openers

- Surveys previously done

- A list of utility providers and average costs per month

- Alarm instructions.

If you live in an HOA

Check-in with the HOA to see if there are any restrictions or policies when listing your condo, townhome, or home.  If you have any known info regarding assessments, certification letters, or HOA covenants, have those available for buyers.

Make your home the best so buyers remember it.  

Keep in mind what's listed below is optional.  In today's real estate market there is high demand for Real Estate.  Real Estate will sell without maintenance and improvements if priced and marketed correctly.  From our experience homes that have regular maintenance and improvements such as paint, fixtures, staging, etc will bring higher amounts vs nothing at all making it worth the investment.  Regardless of improvements pricing a home accordingly with comps nearby is very important.  Price a home too high it could sit on the market, or price the home too low and you might leave money on the table.  

Everything begins with marketing.  Good descriptions, amazing photos, and a price that's in line with similar sold properties will grab the most attention from buyers.  More showings will create more offers and chances for a bidding war.  Price, marketing, photos, are very important.  When a buyer shows up at your property they should already be in love with the home because of the online advertising.  Homes with failed advertising will not reach as many buyers standing the chance of aging and potentially avoiding a multiple offer situation.  

This is a seller's market and it's very important to be in front of as many buyers as possible on the first day a home becomes active and it all starts with marketing.  

Simple things to Enhance Aesthetics and Appeal.  


Keeping the lawn manicured and watered regularly.

Trimming hedges, weeding flower beds, and pruning trees regularly.

Checking the foundation, steps, walkways, walls, and patios for cracks and crumbling

Inspecting doors and windows for peeling paint

Cleaning and aligning gutters

Inspecting and cleaning the chimney

Repairing and replacing loose or damaged roof shingles

Repairing and repainting loose siding and caulking

Keeping walks neatly cleared of ice and snow in the winter

Adding colorful annuals near the front entrance in spring and summer

Re-sealing an asphalt driveway

Keeping your garage door closed

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door.

Sell you home fast Albuquerque

Our happy seller Debra after selling her cute little property.  It didn't take much to get this property in front of countless buyers because selling a home is fun, simple, and easy.  Use our free Home Value Tool.  

List your home Albuquerque


Clean every room and remove clutter; alone will make your house appear larger and brighter.

Hire a professional cleaning service every few weeks while the house is on the market.

Remove items from kitchen counters and closets.

Remove all personal photos from the walls, and patch the holes where they were removed.

Re-surface soiled or strongly colored walls with a neutral shade, such as off-white or beige, and apply the same color scheme to carpets and flooring.

Checking and repairing cracks, leaks, and signs of dampness in the attic and basement.

Repairing holes or damage to plaster, wallpaper, paint, and tiles.

Replacing broken or cracked windowpanes, molding, or other woodwork.  

Sell your Albuquerque home 

The home on Tricia needed paint, fixtures, flooring, and staging.  Once closed this home exceeded our investor's expectations with an over-list price offer and a large return on investment.  

Sell your home Albuquerque

These improvements are not necessary but if done correctly will increase the value of your home making it worth the investment. 

Schedule your free consultation.  

Prep your home to sell fast:

Most important start with the right price:

Homes that are priced strategically from the beginning are more likely to sell faster than those that are priced too high for the market.  Comparing similar homes in your area that have sold and are currently for sale will help determine a fair market price to list your home.

Depersonalize and minimalize:

To make your home feel more spacious, try to minimize as much of your belongings as possible. No clutter around the house lets buyers see your house and not your things. They need to be able to picture your home as their own, so put away the family photographs. Evaluate what you can potentially live without for the next several months and start packing. It all needs to be packed anyway, so you might as well get a head start!

Clean, Clean, and then Clean some more:

Everyone loves a clean home, so clean yours as you've never cleaned before! Show your home at its best with a spotless kitchen, super clean bathrooms, and shiny floors. You don't have to live like a clean freak forever, but buyers are sure to appreciate your efforts!

Make maintenance a priority: 

Preparing to sell often requires putting some money and work into your home. When buyers see repairs that need to be done, they start looking for what else could be wrong with the house. This could cost you thousands off your asking price or even risk losing the sale. Being proactive and completing home repairs before listing will help selling go smoother and quicker. You can even have a pre-listing inspection done if you want to avoid the possibility of surprises later.

Be ready and willing to show:

Showing your home is an important part of the selling process, and being accommodating to showing requests will increase the likelihood of finding a buyer. Keep your home \"show ready\" as possible at all times so that you can quickly tidy up on short notice and leave your home (taking your pets with you) before the potential buyers arrive.

Flip your Albuquerque Home

Paint and minor staging helped this home sell for top dollar.  The sellers sat back through the whole process trusting we had their best interests at heart.  

Flip your New Mexico home

Curb Appeal Tips.  When buyers pull up the first impression is everything.  

People act on emotion.  Emotion starts when a buyer finds a home marketed online and then those expectations are either meet or waived when the buyer finally sees a property.  Upon arrival, it's critical the curb appeal reflects the asking price of the property.  If this step is missed buyers may form a negative impression within seconds of seeing the property deciding to continue their search.  Appearance and price must match expectations.  

A fresh coat of paint or a cleaned front door.  (If the doorbell is missing replace it).  The door is the first thing a buyer sees before stepping into your home.  A rough appearing door could make a rough first impression. This also is true for any steps or railings.  

Add flowers to the front porch.  Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. New planters on the front porch filled with beautiful, vibrant flowers will make your home appear more inviting, warm, and welcoming.

Pressure wash the driveway.  While a dirty, oil-stained driveway gives the impression of a home that may need some work, a pressure-washed driveway and walkway present a clean, well-maintained home.

Update exterior light fixtures.  Replace faded, builder-grade exterior lighting with new, up-to-date fixtures.  Shiny new fixtures will brighten up your home at night, and look clean and polished during the day. Evaluate the front door handle and lockset as well.

Keep the lawn and garden tidy.  An abandoned-looking yard makes buyers think the home might be neglected, but a freshly cut lawn and well-manicured gardens show a well-cared-for home.  Be ready for showings by staying on top of lawn mowing.

Add or replace house numbers.  Clear, crisp numbers that can be seen from the street make your home easier to find as well as give the overall appearance a little boost. You may also want to evaluate the condition of your mailbox.

Add a welcome matt.  Add a brand new welcome mat to greet buyers as they walk through the front door. Even the smallest details like these can make a home feel more inviting.

Real Estate Albuquerque

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Our listing on Picea was beautifully photographed in the day and evening.  

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Photos and showings.

Buyers should be in love with a home before they see the property and it all starts with excellent photos and well-planned staging to enhance those photos and in-person tours.  If you can't stage your property professionally we can give you ideas on how to use your existing furnishings.  When buyers arrive at a property staging can give a home a refined professional appearance offering them slight ques on how they would furnish the house and use the space.  

Clear off all flat surfaces.  less is always more.  Buyers should see and envision your home in photos and in person.  Personal belongs and too much clutter may distract buyers from the highlights and uses your home offers.  

Takedown family photos.  Buyers need to see themselves potentially living in your home.  When showing our buyer's real estate we notice these things have distracted their attention away from the home. 

Replace burnt-out light bulbs.  Lighting is an important cost-effective approach as it can change the mood and energy of any home.  The same goes for natural light so be sure to open as many window fixtures as possible to let the light shine in.  

Don't put too many things in closets.  Show the functionality of the closet. Buyers look in closets and many will consider storage a factor before making a purchase. 

Clean the bathrooms.  The less in the bathrooms the better.  Take all personal items out of showers, counters, and sinks.  Make sure the toilets are clean with the lids closed.  Don't leave any cleaning supplies out in the bathroom including plungers.  Bathrooms and kitchens help sell houses and it's important they show functionality.  Personal things are always a distraction.  

In general, a home should be very clean before any showings.  Remove all dog dishes, secure pets, move kennels and toys putting them out of sight.  Make the beds and put away toys or any valuables. Turn on all the lights and turn off all ceiling fans.  Keep in mind cleaning is an affordable improvement that can be made to any property for little to no expense and if given the proper attention can make all the difference to buyers online and in person. 

Pro-tip.  Before a showing, make sure there are not any lingering cooking aromas, pet odors, or other strong smells. This can be a deal-breaker to some buyers.

Stage your home for cheap Albuquerque

Sell your home fast Albuquerque

The home on General Arnold was owner-occupied with existing furniture used to stage and market the property.  This home was cleaned, decluttered, and sold for more than the seller expected.  The house was your average cozy home that gained the attention of many buyers.  This home was one of the higher comps in the location once it actually closed.  (The seller choose to do minimal improvements and got a high return on little investment).   

How we list your home.  

Why to use a realtor in Albuquerque

Paint, floor, and staging were utilized for our listing on Childers.  Once on the MLS buyers instantly started to request showings.  

What's an MLS listing?  Your home will be put on the MLS where it can be seen by other real estate agents who are searching for homes for their buyers. Your listing will also be posted on websites like Zillow,, our social media, websites affiliated with Melloy Realty Group, and open houses, all where potential buyers will be able to find your home.

Signage.  A For Sale sign will be placed out in front of your home, as well as Open House signs before an open house takes place.

Lockbox and showings.  A lockbox will be put on your door once your home is on the market. It's best for sellers not to be present at the time of showings, and a lockbox allows agents who schedule showings to access your home with interested buyers.  You'll be able to approve or disapprove other agents showing requests simply by responding yes or no to a text our system will send out.  

Open house.  An open house will be strategically scheduled to attract attention to your home. Open houses are a great way to generate interest and get more potential buyers to see your home.

Virtual tour.  We will create a virtual walkthrough to give your listing an advantage over other listings by allowing buyers to see your home in more detail online.  In this market, our listings have sold without buyers ever setting foot on the property because of advertising and virtual tours. 

Email marketing.  Your home will be featured in our email newsletter as well as sent out to our active buyer's list of clients who are currently looking for homes.

Network Marketing.  Your listing will be shared with our extensive network of real estate agents to increase your home's visibility.

Virtual home tour Albuquerque

Get your free home value estimate.

Because of marketing and virtual tours, our Silver Saddle listing received an offer before the buyers had toured the property. This home sold the first day on the market because of online marketing. 

Pro-tip.  Updated, beautiful, well cared for homes can sell for less if not advertised correctly.  It all starts online where the majority of buyers discover new listings.  If online marketing fails because of photos, planning, descriptions, missing information, etc the home has the chance of aging or getting fewer offers.  In today's market, it's key to get as many showings as possible if you're to get top dollar for your property.  More showings mean a better chance of a competitive multiple offer situation.  

Negotiating The Deal: 

Disclose everything and be proactive to disclose all known defects to buyers - avoid legal problems later.

Remember your priorities, but also respect the buyer, as this will be their next home & they are nervous about the unknowns.

Ask all of your questions because offers may include complicated terminology, which I can clarify for you.

Respond quickly. The mood for the buyer to buy is exactly when the offer is made - don't delay.

Meet halfway if there are disagreements about small expenses - split the difference and move on.

Stay calm, even if the situation is tense.

Factors to consider:  

Accepting the highest price offer may seem like the logical choice, but there are many factors to consider when reviewing an offer, and knowing your options lets us come up with a plan that works best for you.  

Cash Offer.  Some sellers accept a lower-priced cash offer over a higher-priced loan offer because there are typically fewer issues that come up. For example, a loan falling through. Consider your timeline and finances to evaluate if it is worth accepting a lower offer for a faster closing and often a much simpler process.

Closing Date.  Some buyers may be looking to move in as soon as possible, while others may need more time in order to sell their own house. You may be able to select an offer based on a timeframe that works best for you, or you might have to be more flexible in order to close the deal.

Closing Costs.  Lender closing costs fall under the buyer's list of expenses, but buyers may ask the seller to pay for a portion, or all of this expense, as part of the sale negotiation.

Contingency Clauses.  A contingency clause is a qualifying factor that has to be met in order for the buyer to move forward with the sale. Contingency clauses often include details of financing, inspections, home sales, and the terms that can be negotiated between the parties. The contingency allows the buyer to back out of the contract without penalty if the terms are not met.  

Inspections Appraisals.  In today's competitive market buyers are sometimes waiving inspections, appraisals, or both to win competitive multiple offer situations.  Waiving inspections means the buyers will not ask the sellers to cure defects with the property that can come out of the seller's bottom line.  The appraisal is a contingency for buyers meaning if the home doesn't appraise they can back out of the deal or renegotiate the price.  If the appraisal is waived then they lose this contingency to the seller's benefit.  

Net Out.  We provide our sellers Estimated Net Outs for each buyer who sends an offer.  The Net Out is the estimated final amount a seller will walk away with after expenses, once the transaction successfully closes.  

Sell your home Albuquerque

The home on Shelby Meadows needed minor touches to enhance the curb appeal.  Once active on the MLS this home received multiple competitive offers.  Net outs and the terms of these offers helped our sellers decide what one was ultimately the best for them.  It's our job to make sure you are informed of the details of each offer received.  

Cost of selling your home AlbuquerqueMarketing your home Albuquerque

Get a free Estimated Net Out to see what you'd walk away with.

Under contract

Once you and the buyer have agreed on terms, a sales agreement is signed and your home is officially under contract.  

The process

Accepted Offer.  Now that you've decided on an offer, it's time to start the under-contract or executory phase of the process. There are a few dates and deadlines to be aware of - title deadline, due diligence, inspection, appraisal, and loan conditions. The under-contract process can normally take anywhere from 30-60 days.

Inspections.  One of the most crucial steps in buying a home is performing inspections. The buyers elect to do this if they choose. The buyer's agent will set up a day and time that works for you to have the inspector perform a full inspection of your home. You will be asked to leave during this time.  It should take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the size of your home. After inspection, the buyer's agent will send an inspection objection requesting specific repairs or replacements, if needed. At this time you can decide which items you agree to fix, repair or replace if any. Remember, inspection items that affect health and safety are pertinent.

Appraisal.  An appraisal will be required by the lender if the buyer is obtaining a loan. The appraisal could come in low, high, or at value. I will guide you through the process on the right moves to make if the appraisal comes in low. After the appraisal, we wait for the loan conditions deadline for the buyer and are that much closer to the closing table.

Final Walkthrough.  Before buyer signs the closing paperwork, they will come to the home to do a final walk-through. This last step is to verify that no damage has been done to the property since the inspection, that any agreed-upon repairs have been completed, and that nothing from the purchase agreement has been removed from the home.

Re-Inspection.  If you completed repairs, the buyer may have the inspection company re-inspect the repairs.  

Schedule Utilities to be taken out of your name for the day after the closing.  

Schedule your homeowner's insurance to be canceled two days after closing.  

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Our listing on Eagle Ridge.  Sunset and day photos were used for this listing.  

Clear to close.  

What to expect.  The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and makes everything official. Also known as settlement, the closing is when you get paid and the buyer receives the deed to your home.

The escrow officer will look over the purchase contract and identify what payments are owed and by whom, prepare documents for the closing; conduct the closing, make sure taxes, title searches, real estate commissions, and other closing costs are paid; ensure that the buyer's title is recorded; and ensure that you receive any money due to you.

ANY bills for inspections to be paid at closing MUST be provided to Title prior to closing. A charge that is paid directly can be set off the Settlement Statement if Title is advised before closing that you want it shown as a POC (Paid Outside Closing). 

If you want to examine the closing statement, please request that your Broker provides the documents at least one day early so that you may review them. 

If you will not be present at closing to sign documents and intend to use Power of Attorney, the following MUST occur:  Title must receive and approve the Power of Attorney prior to closing.  If you will not be in town at closing, you will need to coordinate with the title company to get a mobile notary to come to your location. There will be an additional fee for this.

Items to bring to closing.  

- Government-issued ID, house keys, garage door remotes, mailbox key, other locks/keys, security codes, voided checks, or wiring instructions for proceeds.  

Loan Payoffs.  Provide your current loan information so that escrow may order your payoff in time for closing. They need the lender's name, address, and telephone number along with your loan number and when you make your last payment. They may also need your social security number for verification to order the payoff.

HOA (Home Owners Association). A homeowners association (HOA) is an organization in a subdivision, planned community, or condominium that makes and enforces rules for the properties and their residents. Those who purchase property within an HOA's jurisdiction automatically become members and are required to pay dues, known as HOA fees.

Delinquent taxes.  Most title companies prefer to collect delinquent property taxes at closing. If you do pay them prior to closing, you must be able to furnish an original tax receipt to them prior to closing for verification, otherwise, these monies will be withheld from your sales proceeds until payment of these taxes can be confirmed.

Escrow refunds.  Any escrow/impound reserves held by our lender will not be netted from your payoff at closing. Your lender will refund these monies after your payoff has cleared and an analysis of your escrow account has been completed.

Common names.  If you have a common surname, please complete the confidential information statement and return it to Title prior to closing.

Power of Attorney.  If either party intends to use a Power of Attorney at closing because you will not be there to sign:  Title must approve the power of attorney prior to closing.  The original power of attorney must be delivered to the title company prior to closing as the original must be recorded with the county clerk with other closing documents.  The title must be able to contact you via phone on the day of closing to be certain you are alive and well and have not revoked the power of attorney.

Out of town signing.  If any documents for closing are not being signed at the escrow office then all the documents must be signed exactly as requested.  All documents must have proper notarization by an approved notary for Fidelity National Title.  All documents notarized out of the United States must be notarized in English.

Marital status.  New Mexico is a community property state. If you purchased your property when you were single and you have now married, Escrow will require that your spouse joins in the signing of the deed at closing.  If you are divorced and your divorce proceeding was handled in a county other than the county where the property is located, please provide a certified copy of the divorce decree delivered to Fidelity National Title prior to closing. 


Post office: make forwarding arrangements

Friends and relatives. 

ON MOVING DAY, DON'T FORGET TO.  If hiring movers, keep currency, jewelry, personal documents, and firearms separate from other items.  Leave all old keys and garage door openers needed by new owner with agent or Realtor or per their instruction

After Closing:

You will receive from Title, an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance and survey. These documents should be stored for safekeeping with your other important documents. You should be certain to verify the name and address as shown on the policy.  If your property taxes were being escrowed/impounded by your mortgage company, within 30 days, if there is a balance in the account, your mortgage company will mail it to you. \nAfter closing, make sure you keep the following for your income tax return.

Keep on file copies of all closing documents and all home improvement receipts on the home you sold.  

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Proud to be fourth and fifth-generation native New Mexicans, we have a deep appreciation of New Mexico's diverse cultures and their influence on our unique architecture.  As lifelong residents and licensed Real Estate Professionals we know this city and love helping our buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals in the "Land of Enchantment".  Our highest priority is to guide all our customers through the process from start to finish separating ourselves by our commitment to you. 

We believe business relationships should be built with care and trust.  We respect our clients and we are happy to be serving the Albuquerque Metro and surrounding areas since 2010.   When working with us you will have a connection for life because we are, "Your friends in Real Estate." 

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The home on Ridgerunner.

Little things can make a home stand out to buyers.  This home needed cleaning and staging.  Once on the MLS, this home received multiple offers that exceeded this owner's expectations. 

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The home on Childers. 

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All the photos and examples used in this post are listings where we represented the sellers.  

Over the course of the year, we have helped over 50 families with their real estate transactions.  

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